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Updated January 5 @ 0630


The Clubhouse is open to visitors on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Thursdays hours are from 12 pm until 4 pm or so...

Saturday hours are from 12 pm until 4 pm or so...

We are located inside the Kitsap Mall, (Silverdale WA) across from the H&M store.


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About the Club

The Bremerton Northern Model Railroad (BNMR) has its roots in a loosely knit group of Kitsap County model railroaders who met periodically in each other's homes. In late 1972 this group began holding organizational meetings and in February of 1973 received their charter.

The BNMR is a 501(c)(7) organization. We are a 100% National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) club. The NMRA is an organization formed to advance the global scale model railroading community through education, advocacy, standard, and social interaction. The NMRA is divided into Regions. We belong to the Pacific Northwest Region (PNR). Each Region is divided into Divisions. We belong to the 4th Division.

The BNMR is the parent corporation of two scale model railroads.


The HO Division is the Kitsap Western. The Kitsap Western is a sectional
freelanced, no specific prototype, railroad. The layout is owned by the club.


The N Divsion follows the NTRAK Standards.
Currently we have 18 modules operational, planning scenery, and an operating scheme.

All of the NTRAK modules are owned by the individual members.


The NMRA policy for "At-risk" Persons.

Who exactly are “at-risk” persons?

At-risk persons are anyone under the age 18.
Others who are “at-risk” are persons who have legal guardians because
they have been judged or deemed incapable of handling their own matters.

An example might be a mentally challenged individual who enjoys our hobby.

Information about the policy can be found here:

At-Risk Persons Policy

A PDF file can be downloaded here:

At-Risk Persons Policy PDF file.

If the above explanation applies to you or someone you are a guardian of you MUST read
and understand the NMRA policy in order to join our club.


Here is a new video of a special train on the N scale layout provided by club member Pete Bieber.


Here are two videos of the HO layout provided by club member Garrett Zimmerman.


Click on the photo to view photos of the HO layout provided by local photographer Mike Bay.


Below is a video of our layouts

Video thanks to club member Pete Bieber

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